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Figure 4

From: LRRK2 in Parkinson's disease and dementia with Lewy bodies

Figure 4

Immunocytochemistry of LRRK2 in DLB. Cortical LBs (arrows) in DLB were positive for LRRK2 using both Ab4 against LRRK22500–2527 (A), and Ab1 against LRRK2900–100 (B). Neuronal cytoplasm (C) was also strongly labelled throughout the cortex by Ab4 and with a consistently more granular pattern by Ab1 (inset in C) in cases of DLB. Control cases display similar, though less intense neuronal labeling (D). Biochemically purified cortical LBs were strongly positive for staining by Ab4 (E) as well as by anti-α-synuclein (F), while they were unstained when omitting primary antibody (G). Large vessels (H) were also intensely labelled by Ab4. Scale bars: A, B = 25 μm; C, D = 100 μm; E-G = 25 μm; H = 50 μm.

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