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Figure 7

From: Presenilin-dependent intramembrane cleavage of ephrin-B1

Figure 7

eB1ICD translocated into the nucleus. A) Immunoblot analysis of total (input), Triton-soluble (sup) or -insoluble (ppt) lysates from COS cells expressing eB1ICD (arrow) or eB1ICDΔNLS (arrowhead) using anti-myc (upper panel) or anti-lamin A/C (lower panel). B), C) and D) were the representative results of immunocytochemical analysis of COS cells expressing eB1ΔE, eB1ICD and eB1ICDΔNLS, respectively, using anti-myc antibody. Nucleus and golgi area were indicated by arrows and arrowhead, respectively.

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