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Figure 8

From: An AICD-based functional screen to identify APP metabolism regulators

Figure 8

Ubiquilin 1 over-expression regulates APP-Gal4 metabolism in SY5Y-APP-Gal4 cells. (A) Transient Ubiquilin 1 over-expression increases AICD-Gal4 mediated luciferase activity. SY5Y-APP-GAL4 cells were transiently co-transfected with UBQLN1 over-expression plasmid and a Renilla luciferase over-expression plasmid (pRL-SV40). The latter was used as a transfection efficiency control to normalize AICD-Gal4 mediated luciferase activity. Bars represent the mean normalized luciferase activity (+/- standard error) of six independent trials. Statistical significance was determined using two-sample, one-tailed t-tests to compare each experimental shRNA to the control shRNA and sequential Bonferroni procedure to adjust for multiple comparisons. (B) SY5Y-APP-Gal4 cells transiently over-expressing Ubiquilin 1 have increased Ubiquilin 1, mature and immature APP-Gal4, C83-Gal4, AICD-Gal4, and sAPPα levels compared to vector only cells. (C) Quantification of Western blot results. Bars represent mean densitometry (+/- standard error) of three independent trials. Black bars represent the densitometry from Ubiquilin 1 over-expressing cells; white bars represent the densitometry from cells expressing empty vector control. Abbreviations: Ma APP denotes mature APP, Im APP denotes immature APP; Ma/Im APP denotes the mature APP/immature APP ratio. Statistical significance between mock and over-expression for each measure was determined using a two-sample, one tailed t-test and sequential Bonferroni procedure to adjust for multiple comparisons. * indicates p < 0.05; ** indicates p < 0.01.

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