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Figure 1 | Molecular Neurodegeneration

Figure 1

From: Fibril specific, conformation dependent antibodies recognize a generic epitope common to amyloid fibrils and fibrillar oligomers that is absent in prefibrillar oligomers

Figure 1

Characterization of OC antiserum. A. ELISA analysis. Plates were coated with homogenous samples of Aβ fibrils, Aβ monomer, Aβ prefibrillar oligomers, and α-synuclein and IAPP fibrils. The samples were reacted with OC serum which indicates that all types of fibrils and not Aβ monomer or prefibrillar oligomers react with OC. B. Dot blot analysis of Aβ42 and polyQ36 prefibrillar oligomers and fibrils. Aβ42 and polyQ fibrils only stain with OC serum, while Aβ42 and polyQ prefibrillar oligomers only react with A11.

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