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Figure 3

From: Dopaminergic regeneration by neurturin-overexpressing c17.2 neural stem cells in a rat model of Parkinson's disease

Figure 3

In the neuroregeneration study, the NTN-c17.2 and Mock-c17.2 cells survived after transplantation and ameliorated the apomorphine-induced rotational behavior in the rat model of PD. The rat model of 6-OHDA-induced hemiparkinsonism was selected and grafting was performed. Apomorphine-induced circling behavior was tested every month for 10 months after transplantation. From 2 to 10 months, the rats engrafted with NTN-c17.2 cells showed fewer rotations than those injected with Mock-c17.2 cells (#P < 0.05) or PBS (*P < 0.05). From 4 to 10 months, rats engrafted with Mock-c17.2 showed fewer rotations as compared with those injected with PBS (*P < 0.05).

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