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Figure 4

From: Pathological cell-cell interactions are necessary for striatal pathogenesis in a conditional mouse model of Huntington's disease

Figure 4

Lack of robust neuropathology in the striatal model. In the striatal model, we did not detect gliosis as indicated by the lack of GFAP staining in 12 month old transgenic mice (A) and in WT mice (12 months, B). Quantification of striatal gliosis [27] did not reveal any statistically significant differences between the two genotypes (C). (D) EM analyses did not reveal any degenerating dark neurons in the striatum (N = 2 per genotype). A representative healthy striatal neuron from the striatal model at 12 months of age is shown. Scale bars: A and B 100 μm; D 5 μm.

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