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Table 2 Control genes ranked in order of their expression stability.

From: Optimisation of region-specific reference gene selection and relative gene expression analysis methods for pre-clinical trials of Huntington's disease

Striatum Cerebellum Cortex
UbC Canx Atp5b
Eif4a2 Atp5b Rpl13a
Atp5b Eif4a2 Canx
Yhwaz 18S UbC
Actb Rpl13a 18S
Gapdh Cyc1 Eif4a2
Sdha UbC Yhwaz
Cyc1 Sdha Cyc1
Rpl13a Actb Sdha
18S B2M Gapdh
B2M Gapdh B2M
Canx Yhwaz Actb
  1. Housekeeping genes are ranked in order of their expression stability, and therefore their suitability for use as a reference for the striatum, cerebellum and cortex. The most suitable genes are listed first.