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Table 1 Primary and Secondary Antibodies Used in Western Blots

From: Histopathological and molecular heterogeneity among individuals with dementia associated with Presenilin mutations

Primary Antibody Antigen Specificity Secondary Antibody Company/Catalog #
22C11 AβPP aa. 66–81 M Millipore/MAB348
CT9APP Last 9 aa. of AβPP R Millipore/AB5352
Notch-1 NICD N-terminal 14 aa. R Millipore/AB5709
Erb-B4 C-terminal aa. 1258–1308 R Santa Cruz/sc-283
N-Cadherin aa. 802–819 M BD Transduction Laboratories/610920
Tau aa. 159–163 M Pierce/MN1000
Actin Ab-5 Clone C4 M BD Transduction Laboratories/A65020
Actin N-terminus of human γ-actin R Abcam/Ab37063
  1. AβPP = amyloid-β precursor protein; aa. = amino acid sequence; NICD = Notch-1 intracellular domain; M = goat-anti mouse IgG, HRP conjugated (Pierce); R = goat-anti rabbit IgG, HRP conjugated (Pierce)