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Table 1 Roles of SR/SR-like proteins in tau exon 10 splicing.

From: Tau exon 10 alternative splicing and tauopathies

SR Protein Target cis-element Effect on exon 10 splicing References
SRp20 ND Exclusion [68]
ASF (SRp30a) PPE Inclusion [45, 69]
SC35 (SRp30b) SC35-like Inclusion [56]
SRp30c ND Inclusion [69]
SRp40 ND No Effect [68]
9G8 ISS Exclusion [70]
SRp54 (SFRS11) PPE Exclusion [71]
SRp55 ND Exclusion [68]
SRp75 ND Exclusion [72]
Tra2β PPE Inclusion [73]
  1. ND, not determined