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Figure 7 | Molecular Neurodegeneration

Figure 7

From: Increased DJ-1 expression under oxidative stress and in Alzheimer's disease brains

Figure 7

Lack of changes in DJ-1 expression in the presenceof Aβ. Conditioned media from CHO and CHO+APP cells were collected for the measurement of Aβ levels and treatment of PC-12 cells. A. High levels of Aβ40 were found in the media from CHO+APP cells before (white bar) and after (black bar) the treatment of PC-12 cells (the standard error of means was illustrated). B. High levels of Aβ42 were found in the media from CHO+APP cells before (white) and after (black) the treatment of PC-12 cells, compared to undetectable amount of Aβ in the media from CHO cells. C. Conditioned media from CHO or CHO+APP cells were applied to PC-12 cells for 24 hr, and cells were collected for the quantification of DJ-1 by Western blot using antibody DJ-1-N. Cells from two independent experiments were collected, and the expression levels of DJ-1 in both sets of PC-12 cells maintained at similar levels.

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