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Table 1 Comparison of the apoptotic caspases.

From: Neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's disease: caspases and synaptic element interdependence

Caspase Group Cleavage Preference1 Prodomain Comments
Caspase-2 Initiator DAVAD CARD  
Caspase-3 Executioner DEVD Short  
Caspase-6 Executioner VEVD Short Implicated in neurite retraction [4]
Caspase-7 Executioner DEVD Short  
Caspase-8 Initiator IETD DED Extrinsic pathway
Caspase-9 Initiator LEHD CARD Intrinsic pathway
Caspase-10 Initiator (similar to caspase-8) DED Extrinsic pathway
  1. 1. Note that preferences do not exclude cleavage at other sites with Asp in the P1 position, and that the P1' position is also important (see text).