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Figure 3

From: Insulin-degrading enzyme is exported via an unconventional protein secretion pathway

Figure 3

Effects of inhibitors and stimulators of classical secretion on extracellular IDE activity and cytotoxicity. A, Extracellular IDE activity detected by FAβB hydrolysis in the absence (CTL) or presence of BFA (20 μM), monensin (Mon; 50 μM), nocodazole (Noc; 3.3 μM), glyburide (250 μM), Bz-ATP (100 μM), or A23187 (10 μM) in the presence of 1.8 mM Ca2+ (A23187). Data are mean ± SEM for 16 wells per condition. *P < 0.01 by Student's T-test. B, LDH release induced by treatment with the aforementioned chemicals, unconditioned medium (DMEM), HeLa cell lysate (lysate) or recombinant LDH (LDH+). Data are mean ± SEM for 4 wells per condition in 96-well format. *P < 0.01 by Student's T-test.

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