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Table 2 Inhibition of PSAsf Tau cleaving activity by protease inhibitors

From: Aminopeptidases do not directly degrade tau protein

Substrate % Activity Remaining
  Bestatin Puromycin o-phenanthroline PMSF
  (2 mM) (2 mM) (2 mM) (2 mM)
Alanine 4MNA 0 0 0 79
Dynorphin A 0 0 0 79
  1. PSAsf was preincubated with protease inhibitors at 2 mM on ice for 15 min. PSA activity was then assayed with alanine 4MNA, Dynorphin A. PSAsf incubated with buffer was taken as 100% to determine the remaining PSA activity of each treatment.