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Table 1 Total number of neurons in the medial septum.

From: Axotomy-induced neurotrophic withdrawal causes the loss of phenotypic differentiation and downregulation of NGF signalling, but not death of septal cholinergic neurons

  Number of neurons   
Brain Hemisphere Left (± SD) Right (± SD) Number of brains considered Number of sections per brain
Lesioned brain 1090 ± 319 (CL) 1103 ± 233 (IPL) 5 3
Healthy brain 1085 ± 137 1057 ± 82 3 3
  1. Neurons from the medial septum, as delineated in Figure 5, of brains from axotomized rats (lesioned brains) and control rats (healthy brains) were labeled with neurotrace and their number quantified. CL, contralateral to the lesion. IPL, ipsilateral to the lesion.