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Table 1 Identification of phosphorylated tyrosines in tau by mass spectrometry after phosphorylation by Lck and Fyn

From: Tyrosine Phosphorylation of Tau by the Src Family Kinases Lck and Fyn

Phosphorylated Residue Lck Fyn
Tyr18 + + + +
Tyr29 (ss) - (ss) -
Tyr197 (ss) + (ss) -
Tyr310 + - (ss) -
Tyr394 + - + -
  1. +, site positively identified by MS/MS
  2. (ss), survey scan (first MS spectrum) or MALDI-ToF MS; phosphopeptides identified by mass and mass-difference (phosphate loss) only.
  3. a LC-MS/MS analyses on phosphopeptides extracted from radiolabelled spots on 2D maps.