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Table 1 Candidate gene and SNP characteristics

From: PGC-1alpha downstream transcription factors NRF-1 and TFAM are genetic modifiers of Huntington disease

Gene Chromosome SNPs Selection Criteria
ESRRA 11q13.1 rs3217060 23 bp microsatellite repeat located in promoter region
MFN2 1p36.22 rs3753579 located in promoter region
NRF-1 7q32.2 rs7781972, rs6949152 previously reported association [29]
    rs1882094, rs3735006, non-synonymous SNPs
    rs10275661, rs10225103, rs10268267, rs6962005, rs10231985, rs11487138, rs11761434, rs1962039, rs2402970, rs6948697, rs10500120 tag SNPs using public databases (dbSNP)
NRF-2 GABPA 21q21.3 rs2829897 (A291V), rs2829898 (W323X), rs2829900 (E345K) non-synonymous SNPs
  GABPB1 15q21.2 rs12594956, rs8031031 previously reported association [39]
PPARGC1B 5q33.1 rs7732671 (A164P), rs11959820 (R253S) non-synonymous SNPs
PPARG 3p25.2 rs1801282 (P12A) non-synonymous SNP
    rs2938392, rs3856806 tag SNPs using public databases (dbSNP)
SIRT1 10q21.3 rs3758391, rs7069102 previously reported association [40]
    rs10997860, rs2273773, rs35461348 tag SNPs using public databases (dbSNP)
TFAM 10q21.1 rs1937 (S12T) non-synonymous SNP
    rs4390300, rs10826178, rs1049432, rs11006132 tag SNPs using public databases (dbSNP)