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Table 2 Details of SNPs included in the multivariable model

From: PGC-1alpha downstream transcription factors NRF-1 and TFAM are genetic modifiers of Huntington disease

Gene SNP Chromosome Allele Freq. Type Biological Processes ΔR2 Standardized beta
        Coefficients t P *
NRF-1 rs7781972 7q32.2 189/170/42 IVS1 control of nuclear genes required for respiration, heme biosynthesis, and mtDNA transcription and replication .004 -.066 -2.56 .011
  rs6949152   289/101/11 IVS1   .005 -.076 -2.94 .004
TFAM rs1049432 10q21.1 239/145/17 3' near gene mtDNA transcription and maintenance factor .002 -.053 -2.04 .042
  rs11006132   208/170/23 3' near gene   .004 -.063 -2.45 .015
PPARGC1A rs7665116 4p15.2 309/82/10 IVS2 transcriptional coactivator, regulation of key mitochondrial genes .004 -.065 -2.52 .012
CO1 C7028T mt7028 207/194 mitochondrial component of the respiratory chain, catalyses the reduction of oxygen to .003 -.057 -2.22 .027
  1. The variability in motoric AO attributable to the CAG repeat length was assessed by linear regression using the logarithmically transformed onset age as the dependent variable and genotypes as independent variables. Delta (Δ) R2quantifies the relative improvement of the regression model when the genotypes are considered in addition to the CAG repeats. * nominal P-values (not adjusted for multiple testing)