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Figure 9

From: Neuroprotective effect of a new DJ-1-binding compound against neurodegeneration in Parkinson's disease and stroke model rats

Figure 9

Changes in TH immunoreactive areas in hemiparkinsonian striata. (A) Co-administration of 6-OHDA and DJ-1-binding compound-23 (comp-23) was performed in rats injected with 6-OHDA into the left substantia nigra. After 10 days, treated rats were fixed and brain slices were prepared. Striatal slices were immunostained by anti-TH antibody. (B and C) For the analysis of striatal TH-immunoreactive intensity, the striatum at 0.60 mm anterior from the bregma was divided into four topographical areas, including the dorsal (D), lateral (L), ventral (V) and medial (M) regions (B), and the optical density of immunoreactivities for TH (C) was measured. Each value is the mean ± SEM based on the TH-immunoreactive intensity in ipsilateral striatal slices from treated rats (each group, n = 4-6). Significance (Bonferroni/Dunn test): ***P < 0.001 versus vehicle control rats. †††P < 0.05, †††P < 0.01, †††P < 0.001 vs. 6-OHDA-injected rats.

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