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Table 1 Polymorphisms located in or near miRNA target sites located in the 3'UTR of hAPP

From: Alzheimer-specific variants in the 3'UTR of Amyloid precursor protein affect microRNA function

SNP ID Position in 3'UTR Polymorphism Patient-specific Predicted miRNA Seed region
unknown 171 T/C Y hsa-miR-644 Y
     hsa-miR-147 N
     hsa-miR-323-3p N
unknown 454 A/G Y hsa-miR-153 N
     hsa-miR-20a N
     has-miR-17 N
     hsa-miR-106b N
     hsa-miR-1245 Y
     hsa-miR-383 Y
rs3200120 833 A/C unknown hsa-miR-655 N
     hsa-miR-128 Y
     hsa-miR-199b-5p Y
rs736479 914 G/A Y - -
rs1059461 937 G/A unknown - -
unknown 965 C/G Y - -
rs45541739 967 G/A unknown - -
  1. The SNP ID, the nature of the polymorphism, as well as the patient specificity are indicated. The unknown SNP IDs can be found in Bettens et al. [20]. miRNAs which are predicted to interact with the 3'UTR of hAPP are listed, and it is noted when the SNP is located within the seed-region of the miRNA in question. Y = yes, N = no.