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Figure 1

From: A molecular signature in blood identifies early Parkinson’s disease

Figure 1

The receiver operating characteristic curve (ROC) of the logistic regression model for discriminating between early PD and control. The blue line depicts integrative specificity and sensitivity for the PP derived from five variables (SKP1A, HIP2, ALDH1A1, PSMC4 and HSPA8 transcriptional expression levels, AUC = 0.96) of the early/mild PD vs healthy control subject cohorts. At a cut-off point of 0.5 it was possible to distinguish between PD individuals and healthy controls with sensitivity and specificity values of 90.3% and 89.1% respectively. The red line shows the performance of the classifier on the 38 de novo, non medicated PD individuals alone from the early PD cohort, which resulted in a similar ROC with an AUC of 0.95, indicating the stability of the logistic model.

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