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Table 1 Transgenic rat models of Alzheimer’s disease

From: Modeling Alzheimer’s disease in transgenic rats

Name Transgene Background Amyloid pathology Tau pathology Other References
UKUR28 hAPP751 Swe, Ind
PDGF promoter
Wistar (outbred) iAβ in cortex and hippocampus from 6 mo
No plaques
N/A Increased pERK2 [62, 63]
UKUR25 hAPP751 Swe, Ind
Human PS1 (M146L)
PDGF promoter
Wistar (outbred) iAβ in cortex and hippocampus from 6 mo
No plaques
Increased ptau (PHF-1) at 9 mo, no tangles Increased pERK2, decreased p- p90RSK
Altered proteome (SELDI-TOFF MS)
Altered subcellular compartments
TgAPPswe hAPP751 Swe,
PDGF promoter
Fisher-344 (inbred) Increased APP mRNA (56%) and Aβ-40 and Aβ-42 peptides, no plaques N/A Better cognitive performance in MWM and STFP [68]
Tg6590 hAPP695 Swe,
UbiquitinC promoter
Sprague-Dawley (outbred) Increased APP products
Cerebrovascular deposits at 15 mo
Few diffuse plaques
Increased ptau (PHF-1) at 15 mo, no tangles. Impairment in MWM and open-field [75, 76]
hAPP695 hAPP695 wild-type,
UbiquitinC promoter
Wistar (outbred) Increased APP/ Aβ levels (2 fold) in cortex and hippocampus
no plaques
N/A Smaller infarct volume impairment in MWM and BWT after MCAO [72]
hAPP695 Swe, Ind,
UbiquitinC promoter
Lentiviral delivery
Fisher-344 (inbred) Increased APP products and APP mRNA in brain (2.9 fold), kidneys and lungs
Increased Aβ-40 and Aβ-42 in serum
No plaques
N/A   [73, 74]
Tg478/ Tg1116/ Tg11587
hAPP695 Swe,
Rat synapsin I promoter
hAPP695 Swe, Lon,
PDGFβ promoter
Human PS1 (M146V),
Rat synapsin I promoter
Sprague-Dawley (inbred) Mostly diffuse plaques
Few compact plaques in hippocampus.
No vascular Aβ deposits
Aβ load confirmed with (F-18) FDDNP microPET
Increased ptau (AT8, PHF-1), no tangles Impairment in LTP and in MWM performance
Activation of astrocytes and few microglia particularly around plaques
No neuronal loss
McGill-R-Thy1-APP hAPP751 Swe, Ind,
Mouse Thy1.2 promoter
Wistar (outbred) Progressive accumulation of iAβ in cortex and hippocampus from 1 week post-natal
Aβ plaques starting at 6-9 mo
N/A Dystrophic neurites and astrogliosis around plaques
Progressive learning deficits (MWM)
Altered metabolites (MRS)
[81, 85]
TgF344-AD hAPP695 Swe,
Human PS1ΔE9
Mouse PrP promoter
Fisher-344 (inbred) Progressive accumulation of iAβ, Aβ-40 and Aβ-42 and Aβ plaques Increased ptau (CP-13, pTau-PADRE and others) and
Gallyas-positive NFT
Deficits in open-field, NOR, BM
Presence of dystrophic neurites, activated astrocytes and microglia around plaques. Neuronal loss
SHR72 and SHR318 Human tau truncated (151-391, 4R)
Mouse Thy1 promoter
SHR (inbred) N/A Increased ptau (AT8)
Tangles in brainstem
Deficits in MWM and BWT
Impaired reflex responses
no neuronal loss in brain, axonal damage in the brain stem and spinal cord, decreased lifespan
[35, 95, 96]
SHR24 Human tau truncated (151-391, 3R)
Mouse Thy1 promoter
SHR (inbred) N/A Increased ptau (DC11 and others)
Tangles in cortex
No neuronal loss in cortex and hippocampus, decreased lifespan [97]
  1. BM Barnes maze, BWT beam walking test, IHC immunohistochemistry, MCAO middle cerebral artery occlusion, mo months-old, MRS magnetic resonance spectroscopy, MWM Morris water maze, N/A information not available, NFT neurofibrillary tangles, NOR novel object recognition, PET positron emission tomography, STFP social transmission of food preference.