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Table 2 Top canonical pathways associated with TrkB deletion in mouse striatal MSNs

From: Behavioral and transcriptome alterations in male and female mice with postnatal deletion of TrkB in dorsal striatal medium spiny neurons

Canonical pathway: -log (p-value): Ratio: Molecules:
Thrombin signaling 2.69E + 00 5.34E-02 ARHGEF10, MPRIP, GATA1, RHOT2, ADCY1, GNB5, CAMK1G, HRAS, PRKCH, GNG7, PRKCB
Protein kinase A signaling 2.63E + 00 4.28E-02 SHH, PTPN7, PTPRE, SMAD3, DUSP6, GNB5, PTPN5, TCF7, GNG7, PTEN, ADD3, ADCY1, SMAD4, RYR1, PRKCH, CDC16, PRKCB
Galpha(i) signaling 2.44E + 00 6.06E-02 GRM8, NPY1R, ADCY1, GNB5, HRAS, ADRA2C, STAT3, GNG7
Prolactin signaling 2.39E + 00 7.50E-02 HRAS, PRKCH, STAT3, SOCS5, TCF7, PRKCB
CXCR4 signaling 2.36E + 00 5.36E-02 EGR1, RHOT2, ADCY1, GNB5, HRAS, PRKCH, ELMO1, GNG7, PRKCB
Glutamate receptor signaling 2.18E + 00 7.25E-02 GRM8, SLC1A1, HOMER1, GNG7, GRIK1
Galpha(s) signaling 2.11E + 00 5.79E-02 RGS2, ADD3, ADCY1, GNB5, RYR1, HTR6, GNG7
Cell cycle: G1/S checkpoint regulation 2.06E + 00 7.58E-02 PA2G4, HDAC8, SMAD3, SMAD4, CDKN1B
Beta-adrenergic signaling 2.04E + 00 5.71E-02 ADCY1, GNB5, HRAS, PRKCH, GNG7, PRKCB
Phospholipase C signaling 2.04E + 00 4.23E-02 ARHGEF10, MPRIP, HDAC8, RHOT2, ADCY1, GNB5, ITGA5, HRAS, PRKCH, GNG7, PRKCB
Neuregulin signaling 2.00E + 00 5.88E-02 ITGA5, HRAS, PRKCH, CDKN1B, PTEN, PRKCB
G Beta gamma signaling 2.00E + 00 5.13E-02 ADCY1, GNB5, HRAS, PRKCH, GNG7, PRKCB
RAR activation 1.98E + 00 4.76E-02 SMAD3, ADCY1, SMAD4, PRKCH, ERCC2, PTEN, PPARGC1A, RBP4, PRKCB
Virus entry via endocytic pathways 1.97E + 00 6.06E-02 ITGA5, TFRC, HRAS, PRKCH, CXADR, PRKCB
Chronic myeloid leukemia signaling 1.86E + 00 5.71E-02 PA2G4, HDAC8, SMAD3, SMAD4, HRAS, CDKN1B
Glioma signaling 1.84E + 00 5.36E-02 PA2G4, CAMK1G, HRAS, PRKCH, PTEN, PRKCB
Axonal guidance signaling 1.77E + 00 3.42E-02 SHH, GNB5, HRAS, SEMA6B, ITGA5, FZD1, SLIT2, GIT1, GNG7, NTNG1, SEMA3A, SUFU, BAIAP2, ABLIM2, PRKCH, PRKCB
Breast cancer regulation by stathmin1 1.73E + 00 4.35E-02 ARHGEF10, ADCY1, GNB5, CAMK1G, HRAS, PRKCH, CDKN1B, GNG7, PRKCB
Molecular mechanisms of cancer 1.60E + 00 3.44E-02 SHH, PA2G4, SMAD3, RHOT2, HRAS, FZD1, ARHGEF10, SUFU, ADCY1, SMAD4, PRKCH, CDKN1B, PRKCB
Renin-angiotensin signaling 1.60E + 00 4.80E-02 ADCY1, HRAS, SHC3, PRKCH, STAT3, PRKCB
CREB signaling in neurons 1.56E + 00 3.94E-02 GRM8, ADCY1, GNB5, HRAS, PRKCH, GNG7, GRIK1, PRKCB
Androgen signaling 1.55E + 00 4.17E-02 SMAD3, GNB5, PRKCH, ERCC2, GNG7, PRKCB
ErbB2-ErbB3 signaling 1.51E + 00 6.67E-02 HRAS, STAT3, CDKN1B, PTEN
Calcium signaling 1.48E + 00 3.79E-02 TNNT1, HDAC8, CAMK1G, TPM2, RYR1, TRPC4, CASQ2, GRIK1
14-3-3-mediated signaling 1.45E + 00 4.96E-02 STK11, TSC2, HRAS, PRKCH, CDKN1B, PRKCB
P2Y purigenic receptor signaling pathway 1.42E + 00 4.35E-02 ADCY1, GNB5, HRAS, PRKCH, GNG7, PRKCB
PTEN signaling 1.42E + 00 4.44E-02 INPP5F, FLT1, ITGA5, HRAS, CDKN1B, PTEN
IL-8 signaling 1.41E + 00 3.90E-02 FLT1, RHOT2, GNB5, HRAS, PRKCH, IRAK3, GNG7, PRKCB
cAMP-mediated signaling 1.41E + 00 4.02E-02 RGS2, GRM8, NPY1R, DUSP6, ADCY1, CAMK1G, ADRA2C, HTR6, STAT3
  1. Microarray data were analyzed through the use of IPA (Ingenuity® Systems,
  2. The p-value was calculated using the right-tailed Fisher Exact Test, considering the number of molecules participating in a given pathway and the total number of molecules associated with that pathway in Ingenuity’s knowledge base.