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Figure 5

From: Optic nerve crush induces spatial and temporal gene expression patterns in retina and optic nerve of BALB/cJ mice

Figure 5

Expression of Brn3a, Vsnl1 and Nrn1 in the retina following ONC. Progressive loss of RGCs observed with Brn3a and a biphasic pattern of expression observed for Vsnl1 and Nrn1. Time course of retina sections from naïve, 7, 14, 21 and 28 dpc (days post crush) are indicated on the top of the panel. Fluorescence micrographs of retinal tissue sections were immunolabeled with: (A) Brn3a (red), (B) Vsnl1 (green) and (C) Nrn1 (green). Zoomed 50μm length images of the GCL from each of the respective panels above were cropped to show RGC specific staining for naïve, 7 and 28 dpc: (D) Brn3a (red), (E) Vsnl1 (green) and (F) Nrn1 (green). Blue staining indicates DAPI labeled nuclei and all panels show red immunostaining for Brn3a. Scale bar = 50 μm, n = 3. Photomicrographs were captured at 400X original magnification.

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