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Table 1 Evidences of XBP-1 implication in multiple pathologies

From: The transcription factor X-box binding protein-1 in neurodegenerative diseases

Pathologies Evidence References
Metabolic disorders   
- Diabetes XBP-1 influences glucose homeostasis [2224]
- Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease XBP-1/PDI/MTP axis activation [25]
TLR4 dependent XBP-1 activation by HFHC diet [26]
Inflammatory diseases   
- Rheumatoid arthritis XBP-1 upregulation [27]
- Inflammatory bowel disease XBP-1 gene single-nucleotide polymorphisms [28]
- Lymphoid malignancies XBP-1 inhibition reduces leukemic progression [29]
- Breast cancers Activation of UPR and upregulation of XBP-1 [3032]
- Colorectal cancers XBP-1 overexpression in adenomas and adenocarcinomas [33]
Neurodegenerative diseases   
- Huntington’s disease XBP-1 invalidation protects over HD [34]
- Alzheimer’s disease XBP-1 overexpression in AD patients [3537]
XBP-1 polymorphism associated to AD risk [38]
- Parkinson’s disease Implication of IRE1-XBP-1 in dopaminergic neurons survival [3941]
- Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Increase in XBP-1 splicing in ALS models [42, 43]