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Figure 3 | Molecular Neurodegeneration

Figure 3

From: SNAP-25 is a promising novel cerebrospinal fluid biomarker for synapse degeneration in Alzheimer’s disease

Figure 3

Targeted HR-SIM-MS analyses of SNAP-25 in human CSF. Individual values for the HR-SIM-MS measured peak area ratios ([endogenous peptide/labeled peptide standard] multiplied by 10,000) of immunoprecipitated (SMI81 antibody) SNAP-25 in CSF samples within German cohort (A-C), Swedish cohort I (D-F), Swedish cohort II (G-I), and the entire group of Alzheimer’s disease (N = 36) and controls (N = 32) (J-L). The nine panels depict the measured levels of three N-terminal tryptic peptides of SNAP-25, Ac-2-16 (A, D, G, J), 17-31 (B, E, H, K), and 32-40 (C, F, I, L).

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