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Fig. 1

From: Reduced secreted clusterin as a mechanism for Alzheimer-associated CLU mutations

Fig. 1

Localization of CLU-EGFP for different CLU coding mutations. Immunocytochemistry of CLU with markers for Golgi or ER was performed on HeLa cells transiently overexpressing wild-type CLU-EGFP or variants p.I303NfsX13, p.R338W, p.T345M, p.I360N and p.N369H. a The localization of CLU in ER is altered for p.I303NfsX13, p.R338W and p.I360N, compared to wt, p.T345M and p.N369H. b The CLU localization tends to concentrate in Golgi for wt and most missense mutations, (p.T345M and p.N369H are shown as example) while mutations p.I360N, p.I303NfsX13 and p.R338W showed decreased EGFP signal in the Golgi. Merged images for CLU (EGFP, green), ER (PDI, red) or Golgi (Giantin, red), nucleus (DAPI, blue), and actin cytoskeleton (Phalloidin, grey). The scale bar represents 25 μm

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