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Fig. 2

From: Reduced secreted clusterin as a mechanism for Alzheimer-associated CLU mutations

Fig. 2

Localization of CLU-EGFP in HeLa cells. The distribution of CLU–EGFP wild-type (a-c) and one of the CLU coding mutations p.R338W (d-f) is shown for the entire cell (a and d), and for enlarged regions in the perinuclear region (b and e) and the cell periphery (c and f) of the same cell. For wild-type CLU the most intense EGFP signal was present in the Golgi (a and b) and in vesicles in the cytoplasm (a and c) in addition to the ER, whereas for p.R338W the CLU EGFP seemed almost exclusively present in the ER (d-f). No CLU-EGFP was present in the nucleus (b and e). The scale bar represents 5 μm

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