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Table 2 Proteins possibly involved in microtubule breakdown after Aβ insult

From: Tau missorting and spastin-induced microtubule disruption in neurodegeneration: Alzheimer Disease and Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia

Protein (gene name) Physiological function Pathological function Genetic loci [12]
Tau (MAPT) microtubule stabilization, axonal outgrowth aberrant transport of proteins (e.g. TTLL6, fyn), f-actin dissassembly 17q21.31
TTLL6 (TTLL6) polyGlu chain elongation, preferentially at α-tubulin excessive polyglutamylation leading to aberrant spastin activation 17q21.32
spastin (SPAST) microtubule dynamics, transport of membrane vesicles/endosomes, dendrite branching microtubule breakdown 2p22.3
MARK1,2,3,4 (MARK1,2,3,4) transport regulation via phosphorylation of MAPs aberrant phosphorylation of MAPs resulting in decreased microtubule protection 1:1q41
TTLL11 (TTLL11) polyGlu chain elongation, preferentially at α-tubulin similar action as TTLL6 (but path. role not yet shown) 9q33.2
TTLL1 (TTLL1) polyGlu chain initiation at α- and β- tubulin required for action of TTLL6 and TTLL11 (but path. role not yet shown) 22q13.2
CCP1,4,5,6 (AGTPBP1, AGBL1, AGBL5, AGBL4) remove (poly)glutamate side chains from microtubules impaired function could result in increased polyglutamylation (but path. role not yet shown) 1: 9q21.33
4: 15q25.3
5: 2p23.3
6: 1p33
Katanin (KATNA1) microtubule severing, axon branching also activated by polyglutamylation of microtubules (but path. role not yet shown) 6q24.3
Fidgetin (FIGN) microtubule severing, mitosis regulation path. role not shown 2q24.3