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Table 2 Top ten biological clusters associated with transcripts dysregulated in at least 3 out of 4 conditions: misexpression in the hippocampus and/or cortex of transgenic and/or wild type mice

From: Vitamin D interacts with Esr1 and Igf1 to regulate molecular pathways relevant to Alzheimer’s disease

Annotation term Number of genes Genes
Hormone activity 8 Avp, Igf1, Igf2, Nppa, Oxt, Pmch, Prl, Trh
Synaptic vesicle 5 Doc2g, Slc17a6, Syn3, Sv2c, Syt10
Regulation of phosphorylation 6 Cd4, Cd74, Cdk5rap1, Fkbp1a, Irak2, Prkcd
Membrane-bounded vesicle 8 Capn11, Doc2g, Gpnmb, Prl, Slc17a6, Syn3, Sv2c, Syt10
Striated muscle tissue development 4 Fkbp1a, Foxp1, Rxrg, Tnnt2
Blood circulation 4 Acta2, Ace, Avp, Nppa
Lymphocyte activation 4 Cd4, Cd74, Fkbp1a, Foxp1
C2 calcium-dependent membrane targeting 4 Cpne1, Doc2g, Prkcd, Syt10
Immune effector process 4 Cd74, C1qb, Foxp1, Prkcd
Synapse 5 Shc4, Slc17a6, Syn3, Sv2c, Syt10
  1. Cluster name, number of genes within each cluster and acronym of each gene are indicated