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Table 1 Summary of preclinical results obtained by active and passive vaccination

From: Immunotherapy targeting pyroglutamate-3 Aβ: prospects and challenges

Ag/Ab AD Model Treatment Effect Ref.
Active vaccination
pGlu-3 mimotope Tg2576 Preventive Reduced plaques USPTO No.: 20110097351
pGlu-3-9-KLH J20 Preventive Reduced plaques [73]
pGlu-3 Aβ42 Rabbit (WT) - - [74]
Passive vaccination
9D5 5XFAD Preventive Reduced plaques and Aβ peptides [76]
07/1 APP/PS1ΔE9 Preventive & Therapeutic Reduced plaques; no change in Aβ peptides [7780]
mE8 PDAPP Therapeutic No change in plaques; reduced Aβ peptides [83]
  1. Ag Antigen, Ab Antibody, Ref. Reference, USPTO US Patent and Trademark Office