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Table 2 Statistics of assay hits from both replicates of the high-throughput screen

From: ZNStress: a high-throughput drug screening protocol for identification of compounds modulating neuronal stress in the transgenic mutant sod1G93R zebrafish model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

SSMD Threshold Number of replicated hits Number screened Percentage hits
Below -0.5 38 2000 1.9 %
Below -1.0 7 2000 0.35 %
Above 1.0 20 2000 1 %
Caused Death 142 2000 7.1 %
  1. Compounds that showed similar activity in both trials were identified as hits using the SSMD* threshold criteria as above. SSMD* below -0.5 are inhibitors of neuronal stress and those above 1.0 are activators of the neuronal heat-shock stress response