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Table 1 Antibody binding to tau peptides

From: Affinity of Tau antibodies for solubilized pathological Tau species but not their immunogen or insoluble Tau aggregates predicts in vivo and ex vivo efficacy

30 amino acid peptides   
Tau379-408 [P-Ser396/404] 2.71 × 10−7 3.95 × 10−10
Tau379-408 2.12 × 10−7 2.51 × 10−9
23 amino acid peptides   
Tau386-408 [P-Ser396/404] 4.69 × 10−7 2.39 × 10−9
Tau386-408 [P-Ser404] 2.78 × 10−7 4.11 × 10−9
Tau386-408 [P-Ser396] ND ND
  1. The binding of 4E6 and 6B2 to tau peptides corresponding to the 396/404 region of the tau protein was examined using a BIACORE assay. Neither antibody showed binding to the P-Ser396 which differs from previously published ELISA assays [11]. Using ELISA, 4E6 bound very poorly to the P-Ser396 peptide coated onto the plate, however, 6B2 did show binding. This may be due to conformational changes which occur in the peptide when binding to the plate, or differences that occur when the antibody is immobilized. We observed similar lack of binding of 4E6 and 6B2 to the P-Ser396 peptide in solution in competition ELISAs (data not shown), confirming the accuracy of the BIACORE data. These findings emphasize that a variety of methods should be used when assessing antibody affinity