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Fig. 3

From: The impact of glutamine supplementation on the symptoms of ataxia-telangiectasia: a preclinical assessment

Fig. 3

Glutamine supplementation improves the body weight of Atm −/− mice in a gender-specific manner. Male Atm −/− mice gained weight significantly faster during their 8-week supplementation with glutamine. The rate of weight gain in glutamine-fed female Atm −/− was significantly slower than female Atm −/− mice on regular drinking water. Symbols: solid lines = control drinking water; dotted lines = glutamine supplementation. There were 8–10 mice in each of the 8 study groups, and a total of 69 mice were used in the body weight study. Statistically different by two-tailed t-test: *, p < 0.05. Error bars = standard errors

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