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Fig. 3

From: Deimmunization for gene therapy: host matching of synthetic zinc finger constructs enables long-term mutant Huntingtin repression in mice

Fig. 3

Microglial activation in the striatum after various treatments. Representative micrographs of IBA1 immunostained striatal coronal slices, for the control and injected hemispheres, for each treatment at 4 or 6 weeks. ZF-KOX1 samples displayed an apparent increase in Iba1 immunoreactivity in the injected hemispheres, at 4 and 6 weeks after treatment (a, b). This was not observed in the contralateral hemispheres (a’, b’). Hemispheres treated with mZF-KRAB showed similar levels of Iba1+ cells compared with their contralateral non-injected hemispheres (c, c’, d, d’). Certain GFP-treated samples showed a slight increase in Iba1 immunoreactivity 4 weeks after treatment (e). Iba1 immunoreactivity was significantly increased 6 weeks after GFP injections, compared with the contralateral hemispheres (f, f’). PBS-injected samples show similar Iba1 immunoreactivity between hemispheres at both time points (g, g’, h, h’). Scale bar: 100 μm

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