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Fig. 1

From: Expression and processing analyses of wild type and p.R47H TREM2 variant in Alzheimer’s disease brains

Fig. 1

Localization of TaqMan probes for TREM2 transcripts. The cartoon illustrates 3 TREM2 transcripts with their exons. Variant 3 referred in the text as TREM2alt is devoid of exon 4. The TaqMan probe to detect all TREM2 transcripts spans from exon 2 to exon 3, and the probe to detect TREM2alt (alt) spans from exon 3 to exon 5. In the bottom of the Figure there is a representation of TREM2 protein with its different domains. The position of the p.R47H variant in the transcripts and protein is indicated. SP: signal peptide. TM: transmembrane domain

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