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Fig. 3

From: Expression and processing analyses of wild type and p.R47H TREM2 variant in Alzheimer’s disease brains

Fig. 3

TREM2 protein expression in control and AD brains. Temporal cortices were extracted with RIPA buffer and 100 μg of the soluble fraction (supernatant of 20,000 g centrifugation for 30 min) was used for the analyses. a. Western blot of a representative gel probed with a C-terminal TREM2 antibody, Iba1, and actin antibodies. Three main TREM2 species are indicated: mature, immature and carboxy terminal fragment (CTF). To confirm the specificity of the C-terminal TREM2 antibody two positive and one negative controls were included. The positive (+) controls were lysates of a human brain and THP-1 cells (a human monocyte cell line) previously tested with B-3, a well characterized TREM2 antibody. The negative (−) control was a lysate of 293 cells that do not express endogenous TREM2. b. The signal intensity of all three species TREM2 species, Iba1, and actin in each sample was quantitated using ImageQuant software and used for plotting TREM2 (all species) normalized to actin and Iba1 levels, the ratio between immature and mature species, and CTF species normalized to TREM2 (full length: immature and mature species). ***p < 0.0001, **p < 0.001, and ns: not statistically significant

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