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Table 2 Summary of expression association analysis

From: Expression and processing analyses of wild type and p.R47H TREM2 variant in Alzheimer’s disease brains

   Wilcoxon rank sum (2-ΔΔCt) Linear Regression (ΔCt)
Dx Transcript Median (IQR) p-value Beta (se) p-value
ADa TREM2 3.19 (2.03–4.06) 1.14E-05 −0.51 (0.22) 2.30E–02
ADa TREM2Alt 2.62 (2.10–3.75) 7.28E-05 −0.33 (0.22) 1.41E-01
AD (R47H)b TREM2 1.20 (1.04–1.74) 7.61E-02   
AD (R47H)b TREM2Alt 0.97 (0.75–1.44) 6.02E-01   
  1. acohort A bcohort B