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Fig. 1

From: Inflammatory pre-conditioning restricts the seeded induction of α-synuclein pathology in wild type mice

Fig. 1

Expression of IL-6 leads to widespread astrogliosis in the forebrain of wild type mice. Wild type mice were injected with rAAV-IL-6 on neonatal day P0 and analyzed at 1.5 months of age for IL-6 protein levels by ELISA (a). The numerals (on x- axis) denote the different regions of a sagittally sectioned brain as shown on the model brain on the left panel (a). Uninjected (naïve) mice were used as controls. Mouse forebrains were also analyzed for astrocyte (GFAP) (b) and microglia (Iba-1) activation (c). GFAP and Iba-1 immunoreactivity was quantified and depicted across the whole forebrain (bc). n = 3 mice/group. **p < 0.01, *p < 0.05, Student’s t test. Scale bar, 150 μm and 40 μm (inset)

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