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Fig. 2

From: GDE2 is essential for neuronal survival in the postnatal mammalian spinal cord

Fig. 2

Gde2 null animals develop vacuolization and satellitosis. ad H&E staining of transverse sections of lumbar spinal cord. Arrows in c, d show progressive intracellular vacuolization. Scale bar = 20 μm. e Quantification of increased neuronal vacuolization in large diameter ventral horn neurons of the Gde2 KO. Graph represents mean ± SEM. 6 weeks *p = 0.022, 19 months *p = <0.001, Student’s t test, n = 3. fi Arrows mark large spongiform vacuoles in the dorsal columns and ventral horn. Scale bar = 60 μm. jo Arrows mark satellitosis of ventral horn neurons of the Gde2 KO. Scale bar = 20 μm. n = 3 WT, 4 KO

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