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Fig. 7

From: GDE2 is essential for neuronal survival in the postnatal mammalian spinal cord

Fig. 7

Gde2 KO animals exhibit motor unit restructuring with equivalent peripheral conduction. a Example Compound Motor Action Potentials recorded from WT and Gde2 KO hindpaws following supramaximal stimulation to the sciatic nerve. b Graphs measuring Distal Latency: 6 months p = 0.413, 13 months p = 0.457; and Amplitude: 6 months p = 0.356, 13 months p = 0.388, n = 10. c Motor Unit field recordings from lower hindlimb following incremental (grey traces) and supramaximal (black traces) stimulation of the sciatic nerve. d Graphs quantifying mean Motor Unit Amplitude *p = 0.002, Supramaximal CMAP Amplitude p = 0.144, and Motor Unit Number Estimate *p = 0.026, n = 5. All graphs represent mean ± SEM, Student’s t test

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