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Fig. 14

From: Gene-environment interaction between lead and Apolipoprotein E4 causes cognitive behavior deficits in mice

Fig. 14

Lead decreases the dendritic complexity of immature neurons in the DG of ApoE4-KI female mice. a, Representative confocal images of DCX (red) immunostaining in the DG of 20-week-old female ApoE3-KI and ApoE4-KI control and lead-treated mice (left scale bar, 100 μm; right scale bar, 25 μm). b, Representative examples of DCX+ neurons from female ApoE3-KI and ApoE4-KI control and lead-treated mice traced using the ImageJ Simple Neurite Tracer plug-in (scale bar, 25 μm). c, Quantification of the total dendritic length of DCX+ neurons in the DG. Sholl analysis of DCX+ neurons from (d) ApoE3-KI and (e) ApoE4-KI female mice. Data are mean ± SEM with n = 4–5 per genotype/treatment. Two-way ANOVA with Fisher’s LSD post-test for analysis of total dendritic length; two-tailed t-test for within genotype comparisons of the number of crossings in control vs. lead-treated mice: * p < 0.05; ** p < 0.01

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