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Fig. 8

From: Gene-environment interaction between lead and Apolipoprotein E4 causes cognitive behavior deficits in mice

Fig. 8

Adult lead does not cause significant liver or kidney toxicity or DG volume loss in aged ApoE3-KI and ApoE4-KI mice. 8-week-old female ApoE3-KI and ApoE4-KI mice were exposed to 0.2% lead acetate for 12 weeks, then switched to normal drinking water and sacrificed 43–45 weeks post-lead exposure (14.5–15 months old). H&E staining of a kidney and b liver sections and quantification of c kidney glomerular nephropathy and d liver cytoplasmic vacuolation in female ApoE3-KI and ApoE4-KI mice. e DG volume was measured in female ApoE3-KI and ApoE4-KI mice using ImageJ analysis of confocal images of coronal sections from one brain hemisphere. Data are mean ± SEM. n = 3–5 per genotype/treatment. Two-way ANOVA with Fisher’s LSD post-test: n.s., not significant. Scale bars, 100 μm

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