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Fig. 8

From: Defining the contribution of neuroinflammation to Parkinson’s disease in humanized immune system mice

Fig. 8

Human HLA-DR and human CD45 immunoreactivities were observed in the spleens, intestines, and occasionally in brain meninges of the humanized CD34+ mice. Intestines, spleens and brains (right hemispheres) were dissected out from 16 weeks old, female C57BL/6 and hCD34+ MPTP injected mice and fixed using 4% paraformaldehyde. Fixed tissue along with human spleen sections (positive controls) were immunostained using anti-CD68 (rodent specific), anti-CD68 (human specific), anti-HLA-DR (LN3, human specific), and anti-CD45 (human specific) antibodies. Intestine and spleen representative images at 10× magnification and brain representative images at 20× magnification are shown

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