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Fig. 6

From: Decreased cortical FADD protein is associated with clinical dementia and cognitive decline in an elderly community sample

Fig. 6

Decreased cortical FADD in APP23 mice with aging. a Immunodensity of FADD protein (normalized by β-actin protein content) were quantified by Western blotting in cortical homogenates from APP23 transgenic and wild-type (WT) mice at 3, 12 and 22 months of age. Group of treatment: WT-3 months (n = 6), APP23-3 months (n = 6), WT-12 months (n = 6), APP23-12 months (n = 5), WT-22 months (n = 6), APP23-22 months (n = 5). Columns represent mean values ± SEM per group and expressed as percentage of an in-gel standard. Two-way ANOVA detected an interaction Genotype x Age (F2,28 = 4.43, p < 0.05). Post-hoc multiple comparison t-tests revealed significant decreases for adult (12 months old) and aged (22 months old) APP23 mice as compared to age-matched WT controls. *p < 0.05. b Representative immunoblots of FADD and β-actin, with one sample per group and age. The molecular masses of the various proteins are indicated in kDa. Full gel images are included in Additional file 2: Figure S2

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