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Table 1 The most robust Parkin responders identified in Drosophila neurons

From: Quantitative proteomic analysis of Parkin substrates in Drosophila neurons

  1. Proteins that are significantly more (green) and less (red) enriched in purified ubiquitinated material in a Parkin-dependent manner are shown in this table. Fold change refers to ParkinWT vs ParkinLD ratio in natural scale. Unique peptides found in the whole proteomic analysis are indicated. Human homolog genes were identified using g:Orth tool of web server g:Profiler. Cellular Compartment (CC) information was obtained from UniProt and is based on the human homolog. Cytosolic (Cyt), Mitochondrial (Mit), Endomembrane system (End), Extracellular (Ext), Peroxisomal (Per), Nuclear (Nuc) and Plasma Membrane (PM). Bold proteins represent known substrates and underlined proteins have been previously detected as more ubiquitinated in Parkin samples in previous Parkin proteomic studies in cell culture [37, 38]. *Cellular Compartment depends on the selected human homolog