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Table 1 Antibodies used for western blotting (WB), immunocytochemistry (ICC), or proximity ligation assay (PLA)

From: Phosphorylation of tau at Y18, but not tau-fyn binding, is required for tau to modulate NMDA receptor-dependent excitotoxicity in primary neuronal culture

Antibody/Clone Target Source Final Concentration/ Dilution Method
AHB0042 (clone: Tau5) Tau Thermo Fisher Scientific 1 μg/ml WB, ICC, PLA
MAB10417 (clone: EP2456Y) Tau EMD Millipore 0.1 μg/ml WB
MAB302 (clone: GS-6) Glutamine Synthetase EMD Millipore 1:1000 ICC
MAB3420 (clone: Tau1-PC1C6) Tau EMD Millipore 1 μg/ml WB, ICC, PLA
MAB377 (clone: A60) NeuN EMD Millipore 1:1000 ICC
sc-16 (clone: Fyn3) Fyn Santa Cruz Biotechnology 1 μg/ml 4 μg/ml WB, PLA
T5076-200UL (clone: SDL.3D10) βIII Tubulin Sigma-Aldrich 0.1 μg/ml WB
Secondary antibodies conjugated with Alexa Fluor Respective species and isotype Thermo Fisher Scientific 2 μg/ml ICC
Secondary antibodies conjugated with IRDye Respective species and isotype LI-COR 0.1 μg/ml WB