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Fig. 3

From: Mutant TDP-43 does not impair mitochondrial bioenergetics in vitro and in vivo

Fig. 3

Brain mitochondrial calcium capacity is increased in TDP-43 mutant mice. a Representative brain mitochondrial calcium uptake curves. TDP-43A315T mitochondria take up more calcium than N-Tg mitochondria, as shown by the higher number of bolus additions necessary to cause calcium uptake arrest (i.e., lack of deflection in the fluorescence curve). b Quantification of total brain mitochondrial calcium capacity in TDP-43A315T and N-Tg mitochondria at 60 days of age. * p < 0.05. c Membrane potential measured with safranin O in intact freshly isolated brain mitochondria of TDP-43A315T mice and N-Tg littermates at 60 days of age. Mitochondria were challenged with increasing concentrations of calcium. n = 6 mice in each group, 3 males and 3 females. * p < 0.05. d Representative western blots of mitochondrial proteins involved in calcium uptake (MCU, MICU1, CypD, VDAC1). e Quantification of band intensities from western blots. Values are arbitrary densitometric units. n = 9 and 8 mitochondrial preparations for N-Tg and TDP-43A315T, respectively. Equal amounts of mitochondrial proteins (2.5 μg) were loaded for each sample

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