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Fig. 5

From: Inhibition of O-GlcNAcase leads to elevation of O-GlcNAc tau and reduction of tauopathy and cerebrospinal fluid tau in rTg4510 mice

Fig. 5

Chronic Thiamet G treatment reduces tauopathy in rTg4510 mice. Thiamet G (500 mg/kg/day) or vehicle were administered in diet to rTg4510 mice (n = 35 per group) from either 8–16 or 12–16 weeks of age. Baseline animals (n = 10 per group) were sacrificed at the indicated age and did not receive any treatment. Total tau, aggregated tau and various p-tau species were measured in the brain insoluble fraction using AlphaLISA-based immunoassays as described in Methods. The species of tau measured were: a p-tau recognized by PHF6; b global pThr phosphorylated tau; c tau aggregates; and d total tau. The data shown are the mean ± SEM. Each sample was assayed in duplicate. *p < 0.05 compared to vehicle-treated animals (t-test). e and f Statistically significant correlations between levels of pThr tau, PHF6 tau and tau aggregates were observed using data from all vehicle and Thiamet G-treated animals (r2 = 0.98 for pThr tau and PHF6 tau, r2 = 0.94 for tau aggregates and PHF6 tau, p < 0.0001 in both cases)

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