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Fig. 3

From: Intrastriatal injection of α-synuclein can lead to widespread synucleinopathy independent of neuroanatomic connectivity

Fig. 3

Summary of distribution of αSyn pathology in NTG mice following intrastriatal injection of human or mouse αSyn fibrils. NTG mice were injected with mouse WT αSyn fibrils (Cohort 4) or human WT αSyn fibrils (Cohort 5) in the IC area whereas Cohort 6 mice were injected with mouse WT αSyn fibrils into the CPu. The total number of mice in each cohort as well as the number of mice displaying induced αSyn pathology is shown (denoted as +ve n/Total n). Rostro-caudal distribution of inclusions is presented on schematic brain maps, with red dots depicting the relative abundance of αSyn inclusions in different brain and spinal cord locations. The numbers on top of the brain schematic correspond to plates from the Paxinos Brain Atlas [57]

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