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Fig. 4

From: Intrastriatal injection of α-synuclein can lead to widespread synucleinopathy independent of neuroanatomic connectivity

Fig. 4

Limited induction of αSyn pathology following injection of mouse αSyn fibrils in NTG mice. 2 month old NTG mice were injected in the IC with mouse WT αSyn fibrils (a, Cohort 4) or injected in the CPu with mouse WT αSyn fibrils (b, Cohort 6) and analyzed after 4 months. Immunostaining with pSer129-αSyn specific antibodies (81A and EP1536Y), conformation-specific αSyn antibody (Syn506), and p62/Sqstm1 antibody shows induction of αSyn inclusion pathology limited exclusively to the striatum and entorhinal cortex. In Cohort 4, only 2 mice (total n = 4) showed appreciable αSyn pathology. Most of the αSyn pathology was restricted to perikaryal LB-like inclusion pathology in these 2 mice (arrow heads). Both cohorts showed extremely limited induction of αSyn pathology. No αSyn pathology was observed in the motor cortex (top panels, a and b). Scale Bar, 100 μm; n = 4–6 mice

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